Social Security Advocacy and Representation

Trying to navigate the social security claims process can be a complicated and emotional process for claimants. Frequently, many claimants are uncertain of which program they should apply to when attempting to file a claim for disability benefits after they have become disabled.  There are two federally funded programs that provide financial assistance to disabled claimants. 

The Social Security Disabled Insurance (SSDI) program offers adults age 18 years and over, who are disabled,  and a qualifying insured worker,  benefits when they become disabled.  The Supplemental Security Income (SSI) is a program in which benefits available to disabled claimants with limited resources and a  financial need. Usually, when a claimant files for disability benefits, an application for both programs is usually completed.  

Many claimants attempt to file for benefits with the Social Security Administration without help and usually are denied benefits. One of the reasons for an initial claim denial is the lack of medical evidence to document a disability. Both programs rely upon medical evidence, and collecting this evidence can be time-consuming, overwhelming, and costly. 

Having an experienced social security disability advocate who can advocate on your behalf, help you to gather the medical evidence, and present the evidence to SSA or to an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) is beneficial. Cheryl L. Miller, JD has been helping claimants, adults and children, file and obtain social security benefits. She has represented claimants at their hearing in the presence of an ALJ which resulted in a favorable outcome.  If you are in need of an experienced and compassionate advocate, please feel free to contact Cheryl L. Miller, LLC at 573-356-3387 or complete the questionnaire to get started. 


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