ABOUT Cheryl L. Miller, LLC

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Scriptural Guidance Passage

"Be fair, no matter who is on trial--don't favor either the poor or the rich". - Leviticus 19:15, Contemporary English Version.

About Cheryl L. Miller, LLC

Cheryl L. Miller is the founder and President of Cheryl L. Miller, LLC. Her legal experience, which started in the 1990s, has permitted her to work with individuals, families, businesses, government entities, and non-profit organizations from diverse populations and cultural backgrounds. Throughout her career she has been helping parties involved a range of public and private sector civil disputes to settle their differences through problem-solving approaches in order to avoid litigation. She has helped landlord and tenants reach amicable agreements that protected the rights of the landlord, but also prevented eviction and homelessness of the family, helped parties involved in child welfare dependency proceedings to reach an agreement which secured the safety and protection of the children and the timely reunification of the family, and assisted in the resolution of disputes involving Individual Educational Plans(IEPs) matters. Also, she has used her negotiation skills in helping to resolve copyright infringement issues between performing rights organizations and businesses owners to prevent the dispute to rise to the level of litigation.

Cheryl initially founded Cheryl L. Miller, LLC in 2008 as a paralegal and litigation support company, but has since restructured the company to offer Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) services to individuals, families, businesses and government entities throughout Missouri. But, with the utilization of technology and her ability, skills and knowledge in the area of Online Dispute Resolution, she is able to offer mediation, facilitation, negotiation, and coaching services beyond the Missouri boarders.

In general, Cheryl's ADR philosophy is that litigants who are considering or are involved in disputes should have additional options which are alternative to the traditional adversarial approach. ADR are processes in which parties can have access to justice in which they may not otherwise be able to obtain. She is an active listener who listens to both sides of the stories without judgement and respect the parties privilege of confidentiality. Cheryl focuses on using her legal education, experience and qualifications in the field of ADR to assist licensed attorneys and their clients, and/or pro se individuals to create a structured, fair and impartial process so that the parties can have an opportunity to explore creative problem-solving solutions which reflect their interests, values and needs in their final outcome, which is an amicable agreement and regardless of the stage of the conflict. Her primary styles are to facilitate and/or coach, but realizes that in some instances the parties may desire a more evaluation opinion of the case, or require that she be the decision-maker, such as in the case of parenting coordination. She views each case as unique and which may require a different ADR process to realize an efficient resolution.

She is a believer in Jesus Christ and believes in biblical peacemaking principles and its applicability in disputes among those in the faith community.


Cheryl graduated from the Taft Law School in May, 2016. Subsequently, she enrolled in the L.L.M. program at the University of Missouri School of Law's Center for Dispute Resolution where she acquired the practical and theoretical knowledge in negotiation, mediation, conflict resolution, cross-cultural conflict resolution, online dispute resolution and dispute design systems.

Professional Associations

American Bar Association Section of Dispute Resolution

Alternative Dispute Resolution Training and Education

Missouri Supreme Court Rule 17 Civil Mediation Training

American Arbitration Association (AAA) A Practical Guide to the Consumer Arbitration Process

AAA - Getting Started In ADR: A How To for Women Attorneys

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