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Cheryl L. Miller, LLC was founded and formed by Cheryl L. Miller, J.D. to help parties involved in a dispute to resolve their conflict in a peaceful, fair, and a confidential manner without resorting to litigation. We recognize that not all disputes may be suited for resolution through an alternative dispute resolution process such as mediation, but in most cases, parties are able to reach an amicable agreement with the help of a neutral who can structure the process, facilitate communication, and by exploring creative solutions to end the dispute in a cost-saving and efficient manner. 

Cheryl L. Miller, LLC meets you at the stage of your dispute. Regardless of whether you have filed a lawsuit against another party, or are involved in lawsuit and appeared to be stuck, or the Court has ordered you to mediation or another alternative dispute process for settlement, our company is here to help you become unstuck and help to get your case moving forward in settling your dispute. 

Bridging Peace and Justice 


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Dispute Resolution

Cheryl L. Miller, LLC offers a range of dispute resolution services in many areas of the law. Our services are offered to individuals, businesses, nonprofit organizations, and government entities. 

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Notarial Services

Cheryl L. Miller, LLC is a provider of mobile notary services for individuals and businesses within a 50 miles radius of Boone County, Missouri. 

Dispute Resolution Design

Is your business or company facing high rates of turnover or suffering from low employee morale? Is your organization in need of a process to handle customer complaints or consumer issues? Having a proper dispute resolution process can save you cost and potentially avoid future litigation. 

Social Security Representation

Have you applied for disability benefits or supplemental security income through Social Security? Have you been denied disability benefits through your insurance? Contact us to learn more information. 

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